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Tell A Vision - Call Me By My Name
Die Arbeit – Wandel (Offizielles Video).mp4
NUMERO x Tommy Hilfiger
Touching Box - Walking in my Dreams
Lil Späty - Mazda Premacy
Albertine Sarges - The Girls
Albertine Sarges' new single ‘The Girls’ is a knowing missive to feminist comrades, delivered atop the strutting angular pop of her band The Sticky Fingers: The Tina Weymouth basslines and minimalist guitars feel positively defiant as they carry an upbeat tale of a friendship with more of a carnal connection than might first appear. Written on a Midsummer night in the Finnish country side, ‘The Girls’ encourages everybody to shine in their own ways and give in to the sensuality of their bodies. In the video, “a rock SPA day” Sarges sings through the headrest of a mas-sage table whilst her backing singers appear behind her shoulders to answer the call and response parts. It’s follows the same comedic template as ‘Free Today’, the BBC6music playlisted single and debut release from ‘The Sticky Fingers.’ “My friend Harriet Rabe stood all night at the highest point of Helsinki and sent messages in Morse to the sea. She worked symbolic performances in the frame of art school. In that time we both got in touch for the first time with queer feminist circles and started to explore new ways of being ourselves. We spent midsummer in Finland. The eagerness, the picnics, butterflies at night. The Girls’ is the soundtrack to those moments when you really trust someone. It is also an expression of curiosity. What if we sank in deeper - into the wide apricot sky.” Directed and edited by Lo Selbo Cinematography: Max Hilsamer Costume, hair and make-up: Roman Ole Set assistance: Amande Dagod Cast: Lisa Baeyens, Shanice Ruby Bennett, Albertine Sarges, Freddie and Blixa Thanks Rachel and Roman for bringing your puppies!
Albertine Sarges - Hold On
Hold On is taken from Albertine Sarges' 'Family of Things' EP - On the EP, Albertine Sarges - the Berlin-based multi-hyphenate creative talent - plumbs new depths of unadorned and often self-confessional emotion. Don’t assume that these are necessarily gloomy or unpleasant responses, rather we are presented with realistic feelings and ideas that are rarely put into words and music. ‘Family Of Things’ is an exploration of messy real life: which is typified in new track ‘Hold On’ which delves into Albertine’s nicotine addiction, imploring her (and the listener) to hold on and keep fighting. “As we are living in a world that accelerates into unbearable contradictions and doom, many of us look for ways to stop the pain. For many its drugs, for others, its food, sex, work, you name it. I have been addicted to nicotine since I was 13. Nicotine is a slow killer and is still quite acceptable in Germany.” Sarges says. “I can tell you that the experience of not having free will when it comes to the consumption of something that destroys you, is devastating. So this song is for me, to continue the fight, and it is for everyone else, who is addicted. Everyone who is fighting an addiction is a hero to me, and I wish this to be heard loud and wide!” The video is a remarkable (and hilarious) depiction of Albertine embodying the marketing lie of the Marlboro man. “In my story he is fighting his addiction, caught in a human sized cigarette package.” Director & Editor: Lo Selbo DoP: Max Hilsamer Creative Direction & Styling: Roman Ole Colorist: Thomas Gill Set Assistant: Amande Dagod Special thanks to Kristin and her beautiful "Di Sogno", Dandy Deniz, Anna Lauenstein, Christho and Brigitte, A-Okay Management, Moshi Moshi Records. Music: Music and Lyrics written by Albertine Sarges Produced by Lo Selbo and Albertine Sarges Mixed by Max Rieger Mastered by Norman Nitzsche Performed by Albertine Sarges (vocals, guitar, keys) Lo Selbo (guitar, bass, keys, vocals) Marcel Römer (drums) Lisa Baeyens (vocals) Connect with Albertine Sarges - Instagram: Facebook: Spotify : Apple Music: Website :
Albertine Sarges - Oh My Love
Albertine Sarges' new single 'Oh My Love' taken from her debut album The Sticky Fingers out now via Moshi Moshi Records: Tender and fragile, just like the moment after a painfully ‘right’ decision, Oh My Love was written for rainy afternoons and broken hearts, for long drives and lonely nights. It's a song that longs to be brought home but instead lingers on in an unresolved harmony. It hurts so good. Albertine’s previous single The Girls - playlisted on 6Music - was a lyrically suggestive exposition of the early days of a budding relationship, Oh My Love is the follow up, telling a tale of heartache as the rubber hits the road. Amongst unforeseen circumstances of 2020, Albertine Sarges became a passionate bird watcher, and in her video for ‘Oh My Love’ she uses migrating cranes as a symbol for longing, love and loss. Albertine takes a twilight walk around Berlin’s notorious Kottbusser Tor, taking in the sights and sounds of work and play, collecting moody impressions of houses with cranes flying over them. Albertine is fond of the neighbourhood she’s frequented from childhood, “Kotti is where I grew up and I dearly love it: it's a symbol of the liveliness, the diversity and the misery of my neighborhood. It's where I meet my siblings for a quick Turkish lentil soup or to celebrate when school friends return home for festivities. It is also a place where I have fallen in and out of love. Kotti lets me live, and it gives space to many others. You can literally cut gelatinous cubes of memory out of every späti, tea place and traffic light there and put them in a box. When you show them to me, I will sob.” Directed and edited by Lo Selbo Cinematography: Max Hilsamer Costume, hair and make-up: Roman Ole Set assistance: Amande Dagod​
Inka Döring - Sarabande. Suite No1.mp4
Inka Döring - Ricercar No1
Die Wände Live Session - Future Me
Die Wände Live Session - Sonnenmilch
Cold Company
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