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with Mindscape Universe.
Music by Lisa Baeyens and Niklas Lutterbach

Life & Logo. (2018)
FullHD single channel video, 26.09min

What constitutes a group? An art group in particular? Is it in need of a name and an image?
The young art collective M.U. decides to answer the question for their corporate identity with a final proposition: In a series of workshops they set out to develop a living logo. Collective drawing lessons, organ rituals, foto shootings and cake walks are brought into play to bring good luck to the project and find the aspired form. But no one is quite aware of what the Logo will do to them, which agency will it take in the fragile fabric of things?

While we do not learn about the individuals and their motives the film focuses on the very structure of group-building and to what extend the experience and search for a collective identity is object to imperatives of the market. Thereby the protagonists get to discuss which promises and which concepts of labour are at work when people decide to come together to produce.
Is M.U. a kind of self exploitive factory, a semi-lucrative playground, a field of new possibilities?

Life and Logo is one part making of. A documentation of real events in the summer of 2018 in which the documented were at the same time the film crew.
And one part scripted action: A dystopian corporate video in which life and logo go to work.

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